Way Home Finder

Way Home Finder is an iPhone App that helps you to find a target location by following an arrow on the iPhone display.
The arrow shows the air-line to the target. Have a look at the screenshots to get get an idea what this app is good for.

Works only with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (because of the built-in compass of this devices)


  • find your target location on a walking-tour
  • find your car (parking place)
  • use this  app for your Mountainbike-Trip  (Altitude and Speed Display are built-in)
  • find back to your hotel in holiday
  • get the air-line distance to every location in the world
  • find your way home even if you had one over the eight :)


  • rotating map
  • displays your speed (using the GPS)
  • displays your altitude (using GPS)
  • store an unlimited amount of target locations
  • save the actual position as target location 
  • select a target location on the map
  • prevent display from lock (configurable)
  • choose the  unit of length (kilometers/meters or miles/feet)